When it comes to difficult intubation situations for EMT-Ps, combat medics, anesthesiologists, and ER doctors, it’s important to have a tool that offers a clear line of sight and successful intubation on the first pass. 

That’s where our patented Vie Scope® comes in. Want a powerful intubation tool that fits in your pocket? Work with Adroit Surgical to increase your success during difficult intubation scenarios and learn about the technology behind our Vie Scope®. 

The Design of the Vie Scope®

The Vie Scope® offers a new intubation tool to assist in difficult intubation cases where the airway is blocked or a clear line of sight cannot be obtained. 

The Vie Scope® is designed to be a self-contained scope with a closed circular tube and a beveled end for better visualization of the vocal cords. The secret is the straight line of sight which allows you to see what you are doing, even if there is blood or other secretions blocking the airway. 

In this animated demonstration of the Vie Scope® in action, you can see that the Vie Scope® increases your line of sight, making it simple to insert the bougie and pass the endotracheal for successful intubation of the patient. Following the colored guides on the bougie, you can ensure that you don’t insert it too far before placing the endotracheal tube. 

Support for the Vie Scope®

Different studies have found a higher success rate of intubation using the Vie Scope®, along with an ease of use for EMS professionals and other medical providers to secure a difficult airway. 

100% of EMS Users Find Vie Scope® Easy to Use & Learn

A poll taken during an EMS training session with the Capital City Fire Rescue Department shows that 100% of EMS professionals found the Vie Scope® to be easy to use and easy to learn. The participants watched a 90-second training video before practicing on four different difficult airway manikins. They first attempted intubation with a Mac blade before using the Vie Scope®. 

The Vie Scope® Outperforms Macintosh Laryngoscope

In a study shared with the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, it was found that paramedics wearing PPE-AGP have a higher efficiency of intubation when using the Vie Scope® when compared to the Macintosh laryngoscope. The Vie Scope® outperformed the Macintosh laryngoscope in both the time it takes to obtain an airway and the efficiency of the first attempt at intubation. 

Quicker Intubation for Pediatric Patients

A clinical study published in Medicine found that the Vie Scope® may be helpful in achieving quicker intubation in difficult airway scenarios. The study also found a favorable first pass success rate when using the Vie Scope® in a pediatric setting. Further comparative clinical studies will be needed to confirm these results, but the initial study suggested that the Vie Scope® might be helpful for pediatric patients in difficult airway scenarios. 

Try the Vie Scope® From Adroit Surgical Today

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