Paramedics of the world unite! When it comes to emergency situations, paramedics are usually the first people to arrive on the scene. This means that they’re the first ones to assess the situation and assist with difficult airway management. 

We know that one of the most critical situations you can encounter as a paramedic is managing an airway. But in emergency situations, there are a lot of factors that can make managing that airway difficult, whether the airway is constricted or the throat is filled with blood or vomit, making it hard to obtain a clear line of sight. 

That’s where the Vie Scope® from Adroit Surgical comes in! Learn more about the support our patented Vie Scope® can offer paramedics in emergency situations — and contact us today to schedule a free virtual demonstration or order the Vie Scope® for your paramedics or medical team.

Airway Management for Paramedics

Don’t let others take away your ability to intubate your patients. When it comes to emergency airway management situations, if paramedics are unable to properly secure an airway, then who can? 

In different parts of the world, paramedics are faced with the possibility of not being able to intubate their patients because of perceived low intubation success rates. But has anyone considered that the devices used for intubation — like the Macintosh blade — are inadequate for the task and too difficult to use?

On top of chipping teeth and maneuvering the metal scope to provide a clear view of the airway,   traditional scopes can be especially challenging when you’re dealing with a difficult airway. 

In this video, this 157kg, 170cm tall difficult airway patient would be difficult to intubate with a Mac blade. But why struggle with a traditional scope? With the Vie Scope®, these providers were able to see the patient’s vocal cords in five seconds and quickly secure the airway, insert the bougie, and start ventilation. 

What Makes the Vie Scope® Unique?

The straight enclosed clear tube on the Vie Scope® offers a clear straight line of sight path to the vocal cords, making airway management simple and easy, even in difficult situations. The scope also had a ring of LED lights at the top that illuminated the clear tube, improving your line of sight as you insert the bougie. 

On top of that, the Vie Scope® is disposable and battery-operated, making it portable and perfect for stocking on ambulances or in medic bags. 

Try the Vie Scope® From Adroit Surgical Today

When it comes to difficult airway management, whether you’re a paramedic or healthcare professional, 100% intubation on the first pass is always the goal. Our patented Vie Scope® from Adroit Surgical offers safe, fast, and effective airway management in emergency situations, making it a vital tool for paramedics. 

You can request a free virtual demonstration to learn more about our airway management solution — and make sure you follow our blog for more information about our intubation equipment and airway management solutions!