Vie Scope® Intubation First Pass Success Equivalent to Glidescope in Difficult Airway

Ecker H. et al. compared the two devices in a randomized controlled simulation study. All 35 participants were experienced anesthesiologists or critical care specialists, and all were wearing full body COVID PPE.
Video laryngoscopes (VL) are complicated expensive pieces of equipment with multiple parts making cross contamination in the era of COVID a concern. Despite the multiple different types of VL, they are extremely limited in availability particularly in EMS. There is also a significant learning curve for VL often requiring frequent use over many years to become proficient.

This study analyzed several outcome measures, however there are a few points worth noting:
1.     29% (10) performed 100-200 intubations/year
2.     43% (15) performed >200 intubations/year
3.     All 35 (100%) had prior experience with Glidescope compared to only 2(6%) who were familiar with the Vie Scope®
4.     Glidescope users also required the use of the GlideRite stylet

Despite NO experience with the Vie Scope®, a bougie introducer, by 94% of participants, the FPS between the two devices was equivalent. This is a finding that is seen in real world use of the Vie Scope®.
The authors discuss the merits of the Vie Scope® as an alternative intubation device to VL in COVID patients due to its single use, immediate availability, straight out of the package utility, and high FPS.

Another important finding from this study was the ability to easily learn to use the Vie Scope® (on the day of the study!) and then obtain equivalent results as users of VL who have had many years of experience.

Currently, there is NO evidence that using VL avoids user COVID infection. Wearing appropriate PPE does protect the user and using the Vie Scope® can achieve comparable intubation FPS to VL in complicated scenarios with minimal training.

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