When it comes to intubation in emergency situations, it’s important to have intubation equipment that allows you to quickly and safely secure the airway. 

At Adroit Surgical, we developed a patented method for securing difficult airways for EMTs, combat medics, anesthesiologists, ER doctors, and other medical professionals. Our Vie Scope® is a battery-operated, single-use, disposable scope that provides a clear line of sight when intubating patients, whether their throat is clear or filled with secretions. 

If you want to try our Vie Scope® for yourself, you can request our Vie Scope® Demo/Training Kit. Read through our blog to learn more about our intubation kit and how to safely and effectively use our intubation equipment. 

Our Intubation Kit 

With our intubation kit, we want to give EMTs and medical professionals a chance to try out our Vie Scope® and better understand its effectiveness at securing airways, even with obstructions, blood, vomit, or other secretions blocking the view. 

Our kit comes with one Vie Scope® and one Tactical Bougie® in a compact, easy to carry kit bag. When creating our Vie Scope® and Tactical Bougie®, we wanted a one-time intubation tool that could be used to successfully secure difficult airways in emergency situations. 

You can watch one of our Vie Scope® training videos for an idea of how our battery-powered disposable scope offers a new approach to intubation. If you already have your kit, you can follow along on a mannequin to try out our intubation process for yourself. 

The Vie Scope® is designed with a ring of LED lights with a beveled end that are transmitted through the sidewall of the tube, giving the user a better view of the vocal cords for an easier intubation process. 

With our Vie Scope®, intubations can be completed with just six simple steps: 

  • First, insert scope
  • Second, pass the bougie
  • Third, remove scope
  • Fourth, pass E.T. tub
  • Fifth, stabilize and remove
  • Sixth, ventilate 

When you open the Vie Scope®, the LED lights will automatically turn on. From there, use the Vie Scope® to find the opening between the vocal cords. From there, you can pass the Tactical Bougie® through the Vie Scope® until the green band has just passed the teeth. Remove the Vie Scope® and leave the bougie in the place. Now, pass the endotracheal tube over the bougie and remove the bougie. Now you’re able to intubate the patient. 

When you schedule a free virtual demo, our team will send you one of our kits to test out so you can see the difference between our Vie Scope® and other traditional metal scopes. 

Choose Adroit Surgical for Intubation Equipment Support 

To get an intubation kit for yourself and your team, schedule a free virtual demo from Adroit Surgical

Looking to order our Vie Scope® and Tactical Bougie® for use in our ambulances, hospitals, or other medical settings? Just contact our team to learn more! While you’re here, make sure you follow our blog for more information about our Vie Scope® and other intubation equipment available from Adroit Surgical. You can also watch our additional training videos for more demonstrations on how our patented Vie Scope® simplifies intubation in emergency situations.