Frequently asked questions about Vie Scope®

Yes – the VIe Scope is for Adults and the bebe VIe is for Ped’s

The Vie Scope is used to insert a bougie or tracheal introducer under direct vision via straight line of sight between the vocal cords and into the trachea. The Vie Scope is not designed to pass an endotracheal tube directly through it.

The Vie Scope design is intentional as its current width allows an excellent direct view to the vocal cords but is narrow enough to negotiate past the mandible, maxilla and tongue. The steps involved in intubating a patient with a Vie Scope are as follows:

1. Insert Vie Scope using either hand directly to the vocal cords ie BELOW the epiglottis
2. Under direct vision using a straight line of sight pass a bougie between the vocal cords to the appropriate distance
3. Remove the Vie Scope keeping the bougie is the same position in the patient
4. Pass an endotracheal tube over the bougie into the trachea to the appropriate depth
5. Remove the bougie, confirm ventilation

The Vie Scope is the only one of its kind in the world and has two US patents. It is based on a ENT rigid metal anterior commissure scope. Unlike other angled or curved intubation blades, the Vie Scope is a straight enclosed clear tube where the tip of the scope directly reaches the true vocal cords. This gives the user a ‘straight line of sight’ to the true vocal cords without tissue obstructing the view. The idea is to pass a bougie under direct vision between the vocal cords through the Vie Scope which will then serve to pass the endotracheal tube over it into the correct position.

Unlike all other laryngoscopes including video laryngoscopes which have a ‘single’ light source at the (distal) end of the blade, the Vie Scope has a ‘ring’ of multiple LEDS at the top (proximal end) of the clear tube. This light is transmitted BOTH through the side wall of the tube as well as within the lumen of the tube. This configuration minimizes the risk of obstruction of the light source so in difficult airways with bleeding, secretions and vomit, the user has a much improved view of the airway.

The Vie Scope illumination can last hours, more than enough time for its use. The Shelf life is 5 years, both exceed the ISO 7376 standard.

Yes. The Vie Scope was specifically designed for the difficult airway. The provider should be trained to use the Vie Scope and should be comfortable with it. Provider judgment is important as any patient with obvious airway obstruction may need an immediate surgical airway ie cricothyroidotomy or emergency awake tracheostomy. The Vie Scope can be used without sedation ie in awake patients to minimize the risk of losing the airway with sedatives or muscle relaxants.

Yes. The Vie Scope can be used in either hand.

Yes. The Vie Scope can be used in any situation.

Yes. The Vie Scope is single use only and must be disposed of after use.

The Vie Scope is very strong, and exceeds the ISO 7376 standard for blade strength. However, the Vie Scope does not require great force or power to quickly visualize the vocal cords.