• This is your training kit, the Vie Scope can be turned off, approximately 500 uses on a manikin. 1 Training Vie Scope® + 1Tactical Bougie® + 1 Kit Bag
  • Vie Scope
    1 Vie Scope® + 1Tactical Bougie® + 1 Kit Bag
  • tactical bougie by Adroit Vie Scope
    1 Vie Scope® + 1Tactical Bougie™
  • Vie Scope Vie Scope in hand

    Adroit Surgical’s patented direct Vie (French: Life) Scope is a self-contained, battery powered, disposable scope that takes advantage of a closed circular tube with a beveled end to visualize the vocal cords. The light is transmitted through the side wall of the tube from end to end as well as within the lumen of the tube to give the user the best illumination of the target tissue with minimal chance of light obstruction by secretions or blood.

  • tactical bougie by Adroit

    Made in the USA. 15Fr/5mm x 70cm Adroit Surgical’s introducers are manufactured from low density polyethylene which is both firm and flexible for easy insertion. The Voir Bougie® has brightly marked colored bands at both ends that allows rapid accurate insertion to the correct depth by the user and helps to keeps the bougie in the same position during use to avoid patient injury or inadvertent removal of the bougie. The Tactical Bougie ® is packaged specifically for use by EMS professionals. Fits in paramedic bags, pockets and compact spaces.

  • Voir Bougie in a Bag

    The technique for intubation can be made safer, faster, and more efficient with the use of our Voir Bougie® (patent pending). The Voir Bougie® is unique in that clearly marked bands permit the user to note the correct depth upon insertion to avoid lung or tracheal injury. This allows the process of intubation to occur safely when passing the endotracheal tube over the Voir Bougie® during intubation.

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