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A Better Design

The Vie Scope® is more conveniently designed than a traditional scope. The closed circular tube with a beveled end and light transmitted from end to end through the side wall offers better visibility of the vocal cords, even in the presence of blood and tissue trauma.

Maximum Visibility

The Vie Scope® utilizes light transmitted from the proximal end to the distal tip with a ring of LEDs and offers 360 degrees of illumination. This maximizes light and minimizes light obstruction of the target tissue even in the presence of blood or tissue trauma.

Ideal for Trauma Situations

Ideal for Trauma Situations

The Vie Scope® offers a straight line of sight and maximum illumination to reduce the risk of visual obstruction. Regular scopes offer poorer visibility in trauma situations, resulting in a greater risk of patient complications. Request a demo today!

Easier to Use

Easier To Use

The Vie Scope® offers the best visibility possible, even in trauma situations. The narrow waist mid tube allows the scope to navigate the patient’s anatomy with more ease and even allows for intubation while the patient is awake in trauma situations. Learn more today!

Simple and Effective

Simple and Efficient

Traditional laryngoscopes are cumbersome to use especially outside of the hospital. The Vie Scope® is compact, battery-powered, disposable, and self-contained. It works well in hospital settings as well as in emergency situations. It can help civilians who have been in car accidents and soldiers who have been in explosions

Life Saving Technology

Life Saving Technology

Adequate visibility is essential to proper intubation. The Vie Scope® offers a straight line of sight and 360 degree illumination to maximize visibility. It is easier to use and allows for better use when blood and tissue trauma are present. It can lead to fewer complications and better outcomes.

A Better Way To Intubate

Adroit Surgical’s patented direct Vie Scope® is a battery powered, self-contained disposable scope that offers better visualization of the vocal cords than a traditional scope. The light on the Vie Scope® is transmitted from the proximal end to the distal tip using a ring of LEDs, maximizing illumination and minimizing light obstruction of the target tissue. The narrow waist midtube allows easier negotiation of the patient’s anatomy and the maximum illumination paired with the ability for a straight line of sight makes it easier to use than other laryngoscopes, even in trauma situations where blood or tissue trauma may be present.

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Better Trauma Outcomes

In trauma situations, other scopes can offer poor visibility due to tissue and blood trauma. But with the Vie Scope®, visibility is better leading to better outcomes and less need to resort to a cricothyroidotomy, which can carry higher risks of complications. The device can even be used to intubate while the patient is awake during a trauma situation by using air bubbles as a target to help locate the vocal chord. Traditional scopes are cumbersome and not often used outside of hospital settings. This device is ideal for trauma situations due to its simplicity and the lowered chance of visual obstruction it offers.

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Vie Scope® Intubation Device
medical professional demonstrating the Vie Scope® for intubation

Saving Time and Lives

TheVie Scope® fills a gap in medicine by providing an alternative to traditional scopes. Adroit is passionate about providing doctors and paramedics with the tools they need to save as many lives as possible. The straight line of sight lowers patient complication risk and the simplicity and versatility of the Vie Scope® gives medical professionals the unique ability to provide any adult intubation with one simple device. It provides a path to safer, faster and less expensive intubations. In any situation, it provides a way to manage a difficult airway. It provides better outcomes in trauma situations and it will save lives.

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The Vie Scope offers an alternative to traditional scopes. It maximizes visibility in intubation, is easier to use than a traditional scope, is well-designed, and is ideal for trauma situations. The Vie Scope will provide better outcomes in trauma situations and help doctors and paramedics save time, money, and countless lives. No matter the medical situation or setting, the Vie Scope® has a solution. For more information, get in contact with Adroit Surgical today or request a virtual demo.

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