Also known as tracheal intubation, intubation is a procedure that involves inserting a tube down a patient’s throat and into their windpipe to allow air in and out of the lungs. Intubation by ENT surgeons is often carried out when a patient cannot breathe on their own. It is done to keep a patient’s oxygen and carbon dioxide levels at a healthy level to prevent brain damage or death.

When Is Intubation Necessary?

There are a wide range of situations where intubation may be necessary. Typically, it is done when a patient cannot breathe naturally on their own or in situations where breathing is considered too dangerous due to different reasons. Situations like this include:

  • Surgery — general anesthesia administered during surgery can make it difficult for a patient to breathe thus requiring intubation
  • Emergency cases where there’s an increased risk of food getting into the lungs
  • Injury and illness that makes it difficult to breathe
  • Abnormally low oxygen levels
  • Weakened breathing reflexes due to unconsciousness
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How Is Vie Scope® Used for Intubation by ENT Surgeons?

Vie Scope® by Adroit Surgical is a device used for inserting a tracheal introducer into a patient’s trachea. This narrow device can easily pass through the tongue, maxilla, and mandible while still providing the surgeon with a clear view of the vocal cords for easy intubation. The Vie Scope® is inserted first into the trachea just below the epiglottis. Then the surgeon passes a bougie into the trachea via the direct line of vision provided by the Vie Scope®. Then, the scope is removed and an endotracheal tube connected to a ventilation machine is passed into the trachea.

Features and Benefits of Vie Scope®

The Vie Scope® is a patented, life-saving device designed to increase the chances of success intubating patients in a wide range of situations. Some of the benefits of the Vie Scope® include:

  • Enhanced line of sight view: The Vie Scope® gives surgeons a clear view with 360-degree illumination for easy intubation.
  • Ease of use: The Vie Scope® is designed to be very easy to use even for patients with difficult or obstructed airways. It can even be used for patients that are not sedated.
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Intubation is a very simple method of airway management by ENT surgeons. However, using a device like Vie Scope® further makes this procedure even easier. This single-use device was designed by Adroit Surgical to make intubation a lot easier for surgeons and boost the chances of success of this procedure, among other benefits. Contact Adroit Surgical to learn more.