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Added PPE do to COVID

COVID Positive Patient

Vie Scope Web News Jan 2019

Innovation Zone

Oklahoma Surgeon's Invention Saving Lives

Vie Scope Training Video

Vomiting Manikin and Vie Scope

TMCx07 - Adroit Surgical

Adroit 8min The Whole Story

Intubate while doing continuous CPR

EMT uses Vie Scope for first ever Intubation

NOLO EMS Using Vie Scope

Vie Scope "I like that"

Vie Scope makes it easy. Yes make it more Difficult

Vie Scope makes Paramedic say "Awesome"

EMT Nails first Intubation with Vie Scope

Awesome! That's what she said about the Vie Scope

"That was real easy" - Intubation with the Vie Scope

First Pass Success, first time intubation

Intubate in a Helicopter, or while your partner is doing chest compression's

No Words - but that is a Happy Face after first pass success with the Vie Scope

Yes - you can touch the Teeth with the Vie Scope

Medics from United Arab Emirates try the Vie Scope

Not a Miller Blade - the Vie Scope DL 2.0

That is very Cool

2nd Generation DL part 1

2nd Generation DL part 2

Vie Scope SALAD

Adroit 4 min Refresher

Adroit 4 min Refresher

Rapid Sequence Induction

Rapid Sequence Induction

Difficult Intubation Case

Difficult Intubation Made Simple

37 Second Difficult intubation