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Voir Bougie

The Voir Bougie allows for safer, faster, and more efficient intubation. This bougie has a clearly marked band that allows the user to note the correct depth of insertion, helping to avoid lung or tracheal injury.

Tactical Bougie®

Manufactured from low-density polyethylene, providing a firm and flexible bougie for easy insertion. The brightly marked colored bands at both ends allow for rapid and accurate insertion and help avoid injury. The Tactical Bougie is packaged specifically for use by EMS.

Vie Scope®Kit

The Vie Scope Kit includes one Vie Scope, one Tactical Bougie, and one kit bag. This kit allows for fast, easy, effective, and safe intubation. The Vie Scope is a battery-powered scope that is easy to use and allows for enhanced line of sight.

About Our Surgical Bougie Products

At Adroit Surgical, we offer a collection of innovative medical products that allow for safe and easy use. We have developed an effective method of securing difficult airways in emergency situations. Our products and methods are easy and safe to use, allowing patients to get the best care. Our surgical bougies are designed to be easy to use quickly and effectively, with minimal issues.

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Ease of Use

Our bougies and the Vie Scope® make it easier and safer to intubate. We created our bougie products to ensure that patients could get the care they need without damage to their lungs or trachea. When in an emergency situation, you want medical devices that are as easy to use as possible, our bougies are designed with ease of use in mind.

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Safe and Efficient

Adroit Surgical has changed the current standard of care when it comes to intubation. With our bougies and scope, intubation is faster, safer, less expensive, and effective. When you use our color banded bougies, you will know exactly how far to insert it, avoiding possible injuries and providing the best possible care. 

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Person sticking a tactical bougie through the Vie Scope.

Whether you work at a hospital, are an EMS, or any other type of first responder or medical professional, our bougies can make a great addition to your medical supplies. With our medical products, you can ensure that each and every patient gets the best care and avoids additional injuries. Be sure to learn more about our products, watch our training videos, and find where you can order your Adroit Surgical bougies today.

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