At Adroit Surgical, we offer a variety of medical devices that are safe, easy to use, and effective. Our medical devices have changed the standards of care and provide doctors, emergency responders, and other medical professionals with the equipment they need to provide the best possible care. Our Vie Scope® Kit comes with our Vie Scope® and Tactical Bougies® to provide you with everything you need to intubate easily and safely. Learn more by contacting us with any questions.

Vie Scope® Is Easy to Use

The Vie Scope is an easy-to-use scope that can allow you to provide better care. We designed this scope to enhance line of sight view. This device makes it easy and provides the ability to intubate the patient when awake in a trauma situation. Our scope allows the user to intubate a patient whether they are in or outside of a hospital.

Vie Scope® Features

The Vie Scope has a variety of features that make it unique and effective. This scope is self-contained and battery powered. The closed circular tube has a beveled end to help visualize the vocal cords. Light is transmitted through the side wall of the tube, from end to end, to help illuminate the target tissue. These features make this scope easier and more effective to use.

Tactical Bougie® Is Safe and Effective

Our Tactical Bougie is also included in the Vie Scope Kit. The Tactical Bougie is made with a low-density polyethylene, which is firm yet flexible, making it easier to insert. This bougie is designed with colored bands, which allow the user to know how far to insert the bougie before they could potentially injure the lungs or trachea. Our bougies make intubation safe and effective, allowing you to provide your patient with the best care.

Tactical Bougie® Features

The colored bands on the bougie are the main feature that make this bougie stand out and a great option for medical professionals. Our Tactical Bougie is packaged specifically for the use of EMS professionals, making it easy to use quickly, when it is needed most.

Our Vie Scope Kit is a great option to have on hand, whether you are an EMT, doctor, or other medical professional. The scope and bougie in this kit make intubation safer, easier, and more effective. Provide your patients with the best care possible and see where you can purchase our products today! Contact Adroit Surgical with any questions you may have.