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What Is The Vie Scope®

The Vie Scope® is a laryngoscope from Adroit Surgical that is making waves in the medical industry. This laryngoscope is designed with many unique and beneficial features, making this medical device an easy-to-use and more effective form of intubation. Learn more about this innovative laryngoscope and why it is a better option.

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Vie Scope with light on.
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The Features

The Vie Scope is designed with many features that make it a more effective and easier-to-use laryngoscope. The Vie Scope is a self-contained, battery powered, disposable scope. It features a closed circular tube made of a clear plastic with a beveled end to make it easier to visualize the vocal cords. The light in this laryngoscope is transmitted through the side wall of the tube from end to end. This allows for the laryngoscope to provide the best illumination of the target tissue and minimizes the change of light obstruction by secretion or blood. With all of these features, the Vie Scope provides many benefits.

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The Benefits

Due to the Vie Scope’s innovative design and unique features, this laryngoscope provides a variety of different benefits, including lifesaving and cost saving benefits. It allows for an enhanced light of sight view and provides 360-degree illumination. It is easy to use and allows for patients to be intubated when awake in trauma situations. This laryngoscope also makes it easier to intubate patients in any situation, whether in the hospital or outside, making it a great option for EMS personnel.

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Vie Scope being used on a manikin.
Vie Scope being used to intubate a manikin

Patented Lifesaving Technology

The design and features of the Vie Scope make it easier to use and faster to use. With those benefits, on top of it allowing for intubation anywhere, make this laryngoscope a more effective lifesaving medical device. Whether the patient is at a clinic, in a hospital, or in an emergency situation, the Vie Scope will deliver. The direct line of sight view allows for the user to intubate a patient with minimal complications, helping to ensure the patient gets the care they need as quickly as possible.

The Vie Scope is specifically designed for difficult airway cases. It can be used on patients who are awake, which minimizes the risk of losing the airway with sedative and muscle relaxants. Which can help save even more lives.

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Vie Scope Stats

A study was conducted to evaluate the Vie Scope’s role in placing an endotracheal tube by paramedic wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE). In this study, the paramedics were experienced in direct laryngoscopy, but inexperienced in using the Vie Scope to perform intubation.

This study had paramedics participate in a prospective, randomized, single-blinded crossover simulation trail using manikins. The participating paramedics performed endotracheal intubation on simulated adult cardiac arrest patients with suspected/confirmed COVID19. All participants wore Level C PPE.

With the paramedics wearing full PPE, they were able to perform faster endotracheal intubation and had a better first pass success rate with the Vie Scope compared to the Macintosh laryngoscope. While additional studies need to be done to confirm these results, this first study showcases the benefits of the Vie Scope.

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Person using the Vie Scope on a manikin.
Person sticking a tactical bougie through the Vie Scope.

Cost Savings

On top of the lifesaving benefits, the ease of use, and the ability to intubate patients virtually anywhere, Vie Scope also offers cost-saving benefits. This disposable laryngoscope is making it faster, safer, and less expensive to intubate. When compared to other laryngoscopes, including reusable ones, the Vie scope can help cut costs for hospitals and reduce the cost to intubate patients.

The Vie Scope provides a more economical intubation device that can help save lives. The cost per intubation can be reduced when our easy-to-use laryngoscope is used.

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With the Vie Scope, Adroit Surgical has disrupted the current standards of care. This laryngoscope provides a faster, safer, and less expensive way to intubate patients. The cost-savings and improved lifesaving technology make the Vie Scope an extremely beneficial piece of medical equipment. Since this laryngoscope can be used anywhere, including in emergency situations, it is becoming more widely used throughout the medical industry and with emergency first responders. To learn more about this product or any of the other Adroit Surgical products, feel free to contact us today.

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