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The "Vie Scope" from Adroit Surgical was created to fill the void for managing the difficult airway.  No matter what situation presents itself (the clinic, hospital, or the emergency setting), the Vie scope will deliver.

Vie Scope
Adroit Surgical’s patented direct Vie (French: Life) laryngoscope is a self-contained, battery powered, disposable scope that takes advantage of a closed circular tube with a beveled end to visualize the vocal cords. The light is transmitted through the side wall of the tube from end to end as well as within the lumen of the tube to give the user the best illumination of the target tissue with minimal chance of light obstruction by secretions or blood.

Enhanced Line of Sight View

Allows for an excellent straight line of sight view with 360 degree maximal illumination

Easy to Use

Provides the ability to intubate the patient when awake in trauma situations

Patented Lifesaving Technology

Gives the user the best chance of intubating patients in any situation, in or outside of a hospital

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Voir Bougie
The technique for intubation can be made safer, faster, and more efficient with the use of our Voir Bougie (patent pending).  The Voir Bougie is unique in that clearly marked bands permit the user to note the correct depth upon insertion to avoid lung or tracheal injury.  This allows the process of intubation to occur safely when passing the endotracheal tube over the Voir Bougie during intubation.


Clearly, marked bands make endotracheal tube introduction easier and safer for the patient


Simple, easy and allows for a quick accurate insertion


Application can extend beyond hospitals, including military and civilian use

Our Team

Adroit Surgical was created to help bring simple solutions to complex medical airway problems using product design ingenuity and common sense.

Dr. Nilesh Vasan

Dr. Nilesh Vasan

CEO / Founder

Dr. Vasan is a Board Certified Orolaryngologist – Head and Neck Surgeon at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Paul Hagen

Paul Hagen


Paul oversees the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications.

Bruce Jackson

Bruce Jackson


Bruce is recognized as a strategic leader with over 30 years of business experience in company formation, venture capital and economic development.

Garry Welch


Garry is a new venture industry veteran. He has been a senior executive in numerous successful business start-ups, covering a wide range of sectors

Shawn Rogers


Shawn is an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) consultant with over 30 year experience as a provider, educator and administrator. He brings field experience and an operations perspective to the project.


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"airway management - direct and simple"
Shawn RogersState EMS Director
"It provides an easy and clear view of the vocal chords quickly and with minimal effort"
Robert ChristensenM.D.

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